FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2017

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>> They were found where they've been trapped for weeks, caught between Islamic state fire and military air strikes.>>
> At this stage in the battle to retake Southern Philippine City Marawi from militants, Jose Locamos and his wife are lucky to escape alive.>>
400 people have died.
Troops going in have found decapitated civilian bodies. And report up to a hundred hostages being used as sex slaves or forced to take up arms. Reuters Correspondent Kanupriya Kapoor is in the area now controlled by the military who are focused on finishing this mission.>> So, we're at the checkpoint at the entrance to Marawi city, which over month ago was taken over by Islamic State linked militant.
What we're seeing here on a daily basis is the Philippine military carrying out airstrikes, gun battles and launching mortars across what is a very big lake. Government troops have managed to contain about a hundred to a hundred and twenty militants in the heart of the commercial business district of the city.
These are very heavily armed and well-prepared groups. They have a lot of guns. They have a lot of ammunition. They have rocket-propelled grenades. They've been planting IEDs all over the city and that is something that the troops have been battling against literally going house to house to make sure the city is clear.
But authorities say they believe militants are running out of supplies and ammunition. Aiming at the militants stronghold from the shelter of boarded up balcony, these snipers are among thousands of soldiers now involved in what's become unfamiliar urban war. It's a city of about 200,000 people. Most have been evacuated, but as troops retake more ground they fear rebel atrocities will surge.
Through loudspeakers soldiers make daily announcements to the militants, surrender now or die. To civilians, repeated offers of help.