FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2017

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>> OJ Simpson is up for a parole hearing on July 20th, and if all goes his way he could walk out of a Nevada prison a free man this year. The football hall of famer has served 9 years of a 33 year sentence for armed robbery. During his time behind bars, he's cast himself as a model inmate.
And I've not had any incidences despite all the stories and the tabloids and everything.>> The 70 year old former football and TV star became infamous after his acquittal in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.>> If it doesn't fit you must acquit.
>> Though Simpson was found not guilty, he lost a $33.5 million wrongful death suit and was forced to sell his sports memorabilia. Simpson claims some of it was stolen and he was just trying to get it back when he stormed a Los Vegas hotel room, which ultimately lead to his 2008 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping.
>> My crime was trying to retrieve from my family my own property.>> Simpson won parole in 2013 on a portion of the charges. This week when he goes before the parole board on the other convictions, it could lead to his full release.>> And I gave them my word that I would try to be or would be the best prisoner they've ever had here.
>> The parole board says it will score Simpson using an 11 factor risk assessment, and if he wins, he'll be a free man on October 1st.