FIRST AIRED: July 13, 2017

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>> Born out of the American civil rights movement with a message still relevant today. A new display at the UK's Tate Modern Galley set to head to the US next year.>> The greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of our nation.>> He was a very prominent figure of the black revolution in the 1960s.
Malcolm X and the Panthers, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King. This is created of the letter B which represents black is beautiful.>> Black is beautiful!
>> It was a time of struggle and pride and radical change in US history. But the Tate Modern says crucial black art from the 60s, 70s, and 80s has been overlooked. An artist, Wadsworth Jarrell says the same questions being asked by African American artists more than half a century ago are still applicable today.
>> Maybe even more so now. Because the things we address not came to fruition. That issues that we addressed on the paintings has not come to fruition now. So you still have the same problem with Creaval and Martin and etc.>> The
] march leader John Lewis of all talk and no action. And his critics accuse him of trashing civil rights as he implements his America first agenda. One message to be taken perhaps from pieces like David Hammons, Black First, America Second, there's more progress yet to be achieved.
Racial tensions of America's past has not disappeared all together. Indeed in the five years, it has taken to put this exhibition together there have been a number of high profile shootings of unarmed African American men by US police. America has also transitioned from its first African American president to Donald Trump.
Earlier this year, he accused