FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2017

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>> If you're sick in Gaza, getting the help you need in hospital is a gamble. Health services are on the verge of collapse. Short on power, and running out of medicine. For Rita she doesn't care who's to blame. She just wants her three sons, all week with cystic fibrosis, to get the help they need to keep on breathing.
These children caught up in a political struggle that Reuters Gaza correspondent Nidal al-Mughrabi says, has all the sides pointing the finger at each other?>> Intended Palestinian splits that have weakened political aspirations are now impacting people's lives in Gaza. While the Islamist group Hamas which controls the territory is blaming both Israel, and the Palestinian Authority for the crisis.
The Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas says Hamas takes responsibility because it refuses to abandon the control of Gaza.>> Payments to Israel for power supplies into Gaza have been reduced by the Palestinian president. Long hours of blackouts are the norm here. It's widely seen that Abbas is piling on the pressure in an effort to force Hamas to hand back control of the territory.
It ceased from forces loyal to him a decade ago. A payment dispute is also seen the Palestinian Authority cut back on medical shipments. A report published by the UN last week described Gaza as unlivable, with the situation deteriorating further, and faster than was forecast only a few years ago.
They said the two million residents were suffering a humanitarian crisis that was entirely human made. Rita is asking why her children have to suffer as a result of the fallout.