FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2017

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> The Venezuelan government on Wednesday hunting for rogue policeman, who allegedly launched an attack on key government buildings using a stolen helicopter. Carrying a banner saying freedom, the helicopter fired shots at the Interior of Ministry Tuesday evening and dropped grenades on the Supreme Court. Both viewed by Venezuela's opposition as bastions of support for President Nicolas Maduro.
Reuters correspondent, Girish Gupta, is in the capital Caracas.>> Now, President Nicolas Maduro called it a terrorist attack, yet somehow the perpetrators weren't caught, and they remain on the run. This leads some government critics to suggest this was a false flag operation or a show to distract people from the crisis in Venezuela in which millions are suffering from food shortages.
>> Special forces are now searching for 36 year old Oscar Perez, a police pilot who the government says was the mastermind of the raid.>> Now what's really interesting about this policeman is that he's not just some run of the mill cop. He spent years styling himself as a James Bond or Rambo type figure.
You look through his instagram page, you'll see photos and videos of him on horseback, in full military gear. Scuba diving with weapons. He jumped out of a plane parachuting with a dog. In one video, he holds up a makeup mirror and shoots a target over his shoulder with a pistol.
He also produced and played the leading role in an action movie a few years ago. The film was about government agents rescuing in quite dramatic fashion a kidnap victim.>> On Tuesday, Perez posted a video on social media showing himself in front of four hooded armed men with this message of revolting against the tyranny of Maduro.
>> Venezuelans, dear brothers, we do not speak for the state. We are a group of military officials, police and civilians in the search for balance against this criminal government.>> Although no one was injured, Tuesday's incident exacerbating an already full-blown political crisis in Venezuela after three months of opposition protests
>> Demanding an end to Madura's presidency, and calling for general elections amid food shortages, a collapsing currency, and soaring inflation. At least 75 people have died since April, with hundreds more arrested and injured in the protests.