FIRST AIRED: July 12, 2017

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>> And I would just say, anybody who thinks that I would be pulling punches as the FBI director sure doesn't know me very well.>> President Trump's pick to run the FBI, Christopher Wray, promising Senators Wednesday, he'll be guided by the facts alone. Not swayed by the politics swirling around the probe into Trump's ties to Russia.
>> I believe to my core that there's only one right way to do this job. And that is with strict independence, by the book, playing it straight, faithful to the constitution, without fear, without favoritism, and certainly without regard to any partisan political influence.>> Wray, a former federal prosecutor, getting grilled at his Senate confirmation hearing after months of turmoil, set off by Trump's firing of James Comey in the midst of the Russia probe.
And, with Washington still reeling over his son Don Jr's emails showing he welcomed a Russian lawyer's offer of damaging material on 2016 rival Hillary Clinton. Wray would pursue the Russia case now under special council Robert Muller. Trump, on Wednesday, again calling his probe a witch hunt.>> I do not consider Director Muller to be on a witch hunt.
>> Wray said Trump had made no loyalty demand of him, but if he did, he wouldn't get anywhere.>> The President ask you to do something unlawful or unethical, what do you say?>> First, I would try to talk him out of it. And if that failed, I would resign.