FIRST AIRED: July 10, 2017

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]>> This was the scene outside the Arizona offices of Republican Senator Jeff Flake last week. Constituents demanding to know how he plans to vote on a Senate bill overhauling healthcare and cutting money for the government run Medcaid program. The Senate is back in session Monday and the fate of a Republican healthcare plan championed by Donald Trump, may come down to Senators like Flake.
Reuters correspondent Amanda Becker was in Arizona speaking with Flake's constituents during last week's Senate recess.>> Flake has not said where he stands, so he's really taking kind of heat from all sides on this. They don't know how he's going to vote, he hasn't said, he also has his re-election race to worry about.
>> Shame on you.>> One in five adults in Arizona are insured through Medicaid, and it's thought that about 400,000 would lose their coverage if this Senate bill became law.>> Senate leader Mitch McConnell is trying to maneuver the bill through the chamber with but a razor thin Republican majority.
Critics say the bill is a tax break for the wealthy and cuts healthcare coverage for the poor.>> You have a group of conservative senators who say, it doesn't do enough, we should just be outright repealing Obamacare.>> On the economics side Obamacare has been an enormous problem, but also on the healthcare side.
>> You have another group of moderate Senators, a lot of them from states that have chosen to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, saying we can't go back to our states and have hundreds of thousands of people losing coverage.>> This bill is currently in front of the United States Senate.
Not the answer.>> The initial estimate for the Senate bill was that 22 million fewer Americans would be insured within ten years, and that's a tough statistic to sell back to voters in their states. So Mitch McConnell is trying to strike a balance where they can come up with some magic formula of amendments.
To make it palatable for both the conservative members and the moderate members. Or at least enough senators from each of those groups to get the bill passed.>> McConnell aims to hold a vote on the bill before a July 29th recess. He says that if the Senate cannot repeal Obamacare it must seek a bipartisan deal to shore up insurance markets.