FIRST AIRED: July 10, 2017

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>> They've gone head-to-head many times at Olympic and Paralympic events over the years.
But now France and the United States, or more specifically, Paris and Los Angeles are in a neck and neck race to hold the 2024 games. President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Lausanne on Monday to try and help the French capital's bid team deliver a knockout punch, as they present to the International Olympic Committee.
And as Reuter's Ian Ackman explains, the city of light is the frontrunner to burn the Olympic flame.>> There's a strong view that Paris will be the successful bid for 2024. They've told the IOC that it's 2024 or nothing for them. LA sort of made similar comments, but they did leave the door open for having it in 2028.
They said they'd be prepared to consider a bid in four years time. So I think that the most likely outcome will be Paris in 2024, and then LA in 2028.>> The IOC's executive board has already recommended that both the 2024 and 2028 games be awarded at the same time, which would ensure both candidates get one games.
This is partly because four previous candidate cities, Budapest, Rome, Hamburg, and Boston, all pulled out of the race. With the cost of hosting often cited. The price of Rio de Janeiro's Olympics in 2016 were in the region of $15 billion. While London's games, four years earlier, cost just under $14 billion.
>> In austere times, when the economy's not so great, the public don't really like seeing their politicians spending all this money on what's potentially a vanity project. So I think there is probably pressure as well to keep costs down, and the IOC are running into that.>> By the time the games come around it will be 100 years since Paris last hosted and 40 years since they were held in LA.
But for both it looks like that wait will be over very soon.>> See you in Paris 2024.