FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2017

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>> Holiday revellers in New Jersey scrambling to change their plans as a political showdown over treatment for opioid addiction threatens to keep state-run beaches and parks closed through the July 4th holiday. A move likely to tarnish the image of Governor Chris Christie even further. Christie, who already has the lowest approval ratings of any sitting New Jersey Governor coming under fire after photographers caught him and his family on the beach this weekend, even though Jersey residents couldn't do the same.
Christie not making any apologies.>> Next, next, excuse me, next. Next, I'm done, we're talking about the closure of government, and you're talking about your TMZ stuff.>> Hilary Russ covers state politics and budgets for Reuters.>> This is a really important time if you're living and working in New Jersey.
You have the Fourth of July holiday off, you may have taken the day before off. So that's four days of time that you could have spent with your family, maybe in a state park or on a beach, and now you're not able to do that. So this budget impasse is coming at a really bad time if you wanted to try to relax.
>> New Jersey, though, isn't the only state with budget woes. There are eight others.>> A lot of US states have recovered after the recession, but they haven't seen revenue growth keep pace with the national recovery.>> We want to work, we want to work.>> State workers in Maine temporarily laid off, as lawmakers there battle it out with outspoken Governor Paul LePage.
Unlike New Jersey, state-run tourist attractions remain open. Those still looking for July 4th options in New Jersey can head down to Atlantic City casinos. Those are open for now, but may be forced to close if this budget battle drags on.