FIRST AIRED: July 8, 2017

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> Victory is at hand in Mosul. Islamic State's defensive lines have collapsed and it's last bastillion could fall to Iraqi troops within hours, State TV reported on Saturday morning. It's not over yet then, but some Iraqi soldiers kicked off the celebrations early, dancing in the streets even as air strikes and artillery salvos pounded the jihadists in their former de facto capital.
Posing with Islamic state flags seized as trophies. Reuters correspondent, Stephen Kalin, is there.>> Until now, there is still fighting going on in the old city. The counter-terrorism forces are fighting Islamic state just along the banks of this river a little bit farther north from where we're standing.
We don't really know how many fighters from the islamic state are left. The last estimate we had a couple weeks ago was two or three hundred, but they really dug themselves in in this last patch of Mosul. There's also a lot of civilians, upwards of 10,000 civilians lodged into these areas where the fighting is the fiercest right now.
We've seen several airstrikes over the course of the day, and we can hear the sounds of gunfire, and this battle is still raging.>> Not everyone's joining the party, though. Months of fighting displaced nearly a million people, about half of Mosul's prewar population. Many have lost loved ones as well as their homes.
Camps outside the city are overflowing. Mosul is where Islamic state proclaimed its caliphate in Iraq and Syria three years ago. Its dominion in Iraq will be reduced to patches of desert to the west and south of the city once it's last redoubt falls.