FIRST AIRED: July 5, 2017

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>> It's looking lonely at the top, but the British Prime Minister is determined to hold on for now. Theresa May faced calls to quit from both inside and outside the ruling Conservative Party after June's disastrous snap election. But sources say moves to ouster are for the time being on hold.
Reuters Chief Political Correspondent, Elizabeth Piper.>> I think the grim mood in the Conservative Party since the election when they lost their majority has slightly subsided. They've realized that this is not a job they want at this moment, so all the people who wanted to replace May are now sitting there thinking, you know what?
Let her go into the Brexit negotiations, start them off, and we'll see how it goes from there. No one really wants to step into the breach when we've got the Brexit negotiations coming up, the economy is taking a hit. And also you've got the Northern Ireland crisis.>> No one's sure how Britons would react if asked to vote for the fourth time in just over two years.
Even the most embittered lawmakers say a new leadership battle would simply deepen divisions in the party, leaving the PM to lick her wounds.>> A leading conservative party source told me that her pride is now shattered. She's trying to rebuild and actually sinking back into her time. He described her as a very studious class student that does her homework diligently, and that's what she's come back to.
Their plan of action is very much to let her set off the Brexit negotiation. The one thing about the Conservative Party is that there is always jockeying for power, and that hasn't gone away. Yes, at the moment, they're happy for her to stay on. But watch this space, because there are lots of names in the race at the moment that why it wants to take over.
>> May's one time boast that she could never be found drinking in parliament's bars may have come back to haunt her. Having never been part of one of the conservative cliques, she's now very much on her own.