FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2017

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>> I think long term we're going to have a very, very great relationship.
Donald Trump's budding bromance with Chinese President Xi Jinping first on display at a Spring meeting at Mar-a-Lago increasingly on the rocks. Reuters has learned that the US President, frustrated by Beijing's inaction on North Korea, Is now mulling a tougher stance against China.
Reuters' political correspondent, Steve Holland.>> Since Trump and the President Xi met in April at Mar-a-Lago, the United States has seen multiple missile launches by North Korea. The American student who came home in a coma and died, Trump has tried repeatedly to get China to intervene. Use its influence on North Korea to rein in some of these things from Pyongyang, and he's not seeing enough results.
>> Among Trump's options, imposing a tariff on Chinese steel imports, a move that would also help Trump deliver on a campaign promise to boost US steel jobs. In the meantime, the US moved on Tuesday to label China as one of the world's offenders of human trafficking. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson downgrading China to a tier three rating, reserved for countries that fail to meet a minimum standard set by the US.
>> Remember Donald Trump has not focused on human rights that much during his presidency, so to single out China as a human trafficking violator is a big deal, and it fits in with this picture of Trump frustrated with China.>> Even Trump's Monday meeting with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi seen as a slap to the Chinese.
The two discussed joining Japan in a huge joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean, countering China's increased presence in the waters.