FIRST AIRED: July 14, 2017

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>> 20 year old Sean Kratz has been charged, along with Cosmo DiNardo, in the deaths of four young men in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Kratz is accused of murder in three of the deaths, DiNardo in all four. 22 year old Mark Sturgis, 19 year old Jimmy Patrick, 21 year old Tom Meo, and 19 year old Dean Finocchiaro.
Then burying their bodies in a common grave at a sprawling farm owned by his family.>> Sean Kratz has been charged with the murders of Mr. Finocchiaro, Mr. Meo, and Mr. Sturgis. They've also been charged with robbery, abuse of corpse, possession of instrument of crime, and conspiracy to commit all of those acts with the exception of what has been done to Mr. Patrick, Cosmo DiNardo, realizes responsible for those actions alone.
>> The DA says that by sparing DiNardo the death penalty, authorities were able to locate the body of Patrick buried more than a quarter of a mile away from the others. Authorities say the men were all shot after meeting with DiNardo reportedly over drug deals. Then Weintrobe says, DiNardo went a step further.
>> I think if you read the probable cause affidavit, what you'll glean from it is that there was an attempt to burn the bodies, to deface them, to obliterate them, but I don't believe that, that was successful.>> Details are still emerging in the case, but Weintraub thanked law enforcement for their work so far, finding the missing men, and giving their families some answers.