FIRST AIRED: June 23, 2017

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>> She's come bearing gifts, but have they been well received? British Prime Minister Theresa May tabling in hers words a fair and serious offer to EU counterparts. Front and center that no EU citizens residents in Britain after a cut off date would face deportation. She also said those living in the UK for more than five years could stay for life.
>> I want all those EU citizens who are in the UK, who've made their lives and homes in our country, to know that no one will have to leave. We won't be seeing families split apart. People will be able to go on living their lives as before.>> The offer, one of five Brexit proposals outlined over dinner Thursday at a leader's summit in Brussels.
She was given just ten minutes to make her case.>> Her team have been very clear that she is the Prime Minister and she's come here just to describe the principle she wants for EU citizens. But of course, her stature is weakened by the election that she didn't need to call, and now she's lost her parliamentary majority.
Some EU diplomats have even been giggling about the fact that she's coming and has to set out her stool again.>> And May's peers have received her latest offerings with skepticism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel describing it as a good start, but adding a caveat that many questions remain.
Austria's leaders adding a lot of EU citizens aren't covered by the deal. The timing of the cutoff date likely to be a sticking point, as well reciprocal recipients for UK citizens.>> My first impression is that the UK fell first below our expectations, and that it risks worsening the situation of citizens.
>> It will all come down to the details, and May has promised more of them on Monday.