FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2017

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>> Memorial events continuing through to Sunday in Turkey. President Tayyip Erdogan unveiling a statue to commemorate the victims of last year's aborted coup in which nearly 250 people died. The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul was the scene of clashes between civilians and rogue soldiers in tanks. Thousands of people heeded a call by the President to flood the streets and resist the coupe.
The bridge subsequently renamed the 15th July Martyrs Bridge. Patriotic marches continued through to the capital Ankara where a year ago Parliament was bombed. President Erdogan vowed to take revenge on those accused of orchestrating the perch.>> When the death penalty passes through Parliament and comes in front of me, I will sign it without any hesitation because there is the grief of 250 martyrs.
The grief of our nation, the grief of 2,193 people who got wounded.>>
> The Turkish authorities accused the movements loyal to the US based cleric Fetullah Gulen of organizing the plots. He however, denies any involvement. Deepening divisions in Turkey also a legacy of the coup. Last week hundreds of thousands of people marched to Istanbul in a massive show of anti government sentiment.
Since declaring a state of emergency, the government has been able to dismiss more than 150,000 state employees and arrest 50,000 people. Erdogan's critics say he's using the state of emergency to target those who oppose him. The President says he'll advise the government to extend the emergency law on Monday.