FIRST AIRED: July 6, 2017

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>> Pioneering surgery is seen robots fit people with new knees. Two main firms in championing the technology complete this snazzy promo videos.>> The NAVIO Surgery System->> The US based striker of Britain's Smith and nephew. Reuters Ben Hirsch has been looking at the developments.>> There's a great demand for new knees and hips as the sort of the baby boomer generation gets older.
And also, even younger people have sports injuries, so there's an increasing need to replace joints, and we now have the technology to do that. But it's still a tricky operation, especially for a complicated joint like the knee.>> A robotic arm is being used to execute the wishes of a surgeon.
Accuracy is the buzz word here.>> The surgeon accurately removes the damage bone surface using the robotic's assistance.>> Making the complex surgery, robots may involve less trauma for patients and faster recovery time. But their place in medical future isn't sewn up.>> The big clinical trials, we won't get the results of those for another couple of years.
And depending on how successful they are, that's going to determine whether, the health care providers, insurances, governments, or whatever, whether they think this is a cost effective solution because these machines are not cheap.>> Robotic total knee replacements are now among the procedures on the operating table. Cost may decide whether they're given a clean bill of health.