FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2017

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>> Essence of mildew, eau de log flume, or how about semen cologne. Yes, there are people out there who want to smell like this.>> Actually lots of people have a real thing for the smell of chlorine and they're loving it. We've also got a fragrance which smells of different bodily fluids, so from blood, to sweat, to milk.
>> That at least, according to the new show Perfume opening in London. Gone, it seems, are the days of wanting to smell of pleasing floral notes. Now, it's all about evoking memories, sexual encounters, Sundays at church, camping by a log fire, or trips to the theme park. They say perfume is the most intense form of memory, but this is a long way from browsing in duty-free.
Few of the scents displayed here are household names, though they are real products on sale to the public. But these perfumers are the tinkerers and the artists. What curators call perfume provocateurs.>> It's this invisible, nebulous thing, it doesn't get the airtime that other art forms get.>> But some classics are also celebrated like CK One from 1994.
The first gender neutral fragrance in the West, it's credited with starting the so called clean scent trend.>> A long, long way from the smell of soiled bed sheets available to sniff here.