FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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far cry uio I do't wear a weeked meetig with liberal firebrad seator Elizabeth Warre of Massachusetts fuelig talk that vice presidet Joe Bide could eter the twety sixtee rate Hillary Clito remais the Democratic Frot ruer but doubts grew last week over how she's hadlig them all out murmur use of persoal email as secretary of state David louder is coverig the story geera week last week hoorable atio I came across as a bit flippat , dowload ad she's just ot bee able to sort of covice people that she's tellig the truth here some promiet Democrats are a bit worried about that ad they've expressed that maybe there is possible opeig for Joe Bide to jump i the race , Josh Alcor a seior adviser for drafted by did a super pac hopig to covice the vice presidet to ru told fox ews Suday that Bide is quote soudig out people i early states activist ad potetial supporters oe of those supporters would be bigger tha Elizabeth Warre Turer Warre is a major power broker withi the liberal wig of the Democratic Party , otably she has o , edorsed ayoe here steered clear of commetig o , Hillary Clito our campaig ad ayoe who's goig to challege her is probably goig to eed that that liberal wig , our support I thik all politics is perso eve though he has ot aouced the rug Reuters pollig shows by did i a respectable third place behid Clito ad Vermot seator Berie Saders