FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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allegatios of sabotage cotiue to face oe of the biggest players i the cyber security busiess accordig to emails reviewed by reuters eugee kaspersky the cofouder of well kow kaspersky lab i two thousad ie told some of his lieuteats the should attack rival a. v. g. techologies by robbig them out i the out house kaspersky strogly deied the latest allegatios a. b. g. did ot respod to a request for commet i a exclusive reuters previously shed light o allegatios that the moscow based firm created fake virus samples ad malware idetificatios to full competitors icludig microsoft ad advaced ito disablig or deletig importat files which creates problems for customers those allegatios which kaspersky also deied came from two former kaspersky lab employees , reuters cyber security correspodet joseph me broke the story ad today's follow up the emails from talk about , strikig out agaist %HESITATION oe rival e. v. , uh with false is or false positives , i ad i very colorful laguage roughig out i the outhouse , ad this is a referece to a very famous commet by that mere puti i ietee iety ie he was talkig about how the coutry would pursue a cheche separatists , ad %HESITATION ad kill them ad he said if we fid them i the outhouse will rub them out i the out so i a oe of the emails you kaspersky rights that we've tried out rubbig out arrival before ito thousad to two thousad ad three i chia ad it %HESITATION helped displace oe of the market leaders o friday kaspersky said the emails may ot be legitimate ad were obtaied from aoymous sources that have a hidde ageda the emails viewed by reuters do ot cofirm a attack was lauched agaist a v. g.