FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the year ietee eighty five we kow the world was domiatig the charts boell reaga was presidet ad pik hair wesleya , it was also the year the u. s. treasury soldiers last bod with a te percet coupo the highest payig u. s. govermet issue reuters market editor david geffe per year , iflatio has bee very high , with yield upwards of te eleve twelve percet or eve higher by ietee eighty five thigs were chagig iflatio was comig dow ad so the federal fuds rate which is the mai rate that said you , i two will break up ad dow was also comig dow ad the log dated treasuries that the thirty year bod i that case you kow which was sold you kow our periodic basis every quarter it was sold at that level ad tured out to be the last time the treasury felt iclied with the yield that high uless you have iflatio suddely shoots up to ietee eighties level other bads like this oe are ulikely to come dow the pike aytime soo right ow iflatio is ruig barely a two percet it at a level that is actually quite low which is good you kow i terms of you kow price growth you kow for people whe they buy thig ot so great if you're tryig to save moey because you're lookig for thigs that , so ow , sellig it ow , the thirty year debt for three percet leavig today's bod ivestors , istead of that ietee eighty five madoa flick desperately seekig susa desperately , seekig yield