FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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u. s. stocks closig out their worst moth i more tha three years , the s. ad p. five hudred edig moday dow sixtee poits , brigig its total loss for august to a ugly six poit two percet , the asdaq thig the biggest losses amog the major idex , start the week , google ad facebook both dropped early two percet , after a volatile week i which worries about chia's ecoomy dragged stocks dow , moday brought cocers the federal reserve will push forward , to raise iterest rates from , staley fischer the vice chairma over the weeked made it clear that he wats to see the fed raise rates the markets are goig to cotiue to react to it but you kow the various cetral baks aroud the world that he had spoke to o the record said similar thigs they said were ready for a rate hike , the dow idustrials lost a hudred ad fiftee poits o moday pushig the idex back ito correctio territory dow more tha te percet sice hittig a all time high i may , but as ivestors looked ext moth , gavi says that might ot be a bad thig , i would imagie that if we see a little bit more meaderig boucig aroud ot ecessarily returig to the highs that we saw before that might be the thig that ivestors see as actually , helpful because this market has for several years ow bee tredig right aroud its highs most of the time ad without those corrective , kid of areas that we saw just recetly , it gets to a poit where thigs do ot overvalued where people start to see very little reaso to buy , the s. ad p. market first mothly close below the key to thousad level sice jauary