FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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they're called emailed ad Twitter messages from lobbyists are startig to come i batches o the receivig ed our Capitol Hill Democrats rai that goal to sway the upcomig vote o presidet Obama's uclear deal with Ira Ady Sulliva is coverig the story this puts a lot of Democrats i a tough spot because they wat to support presidet Obama ad oe of his biggest accomplishmet but at the same time this deal is immesely upopular with a lot of America Jews they worried that give Ira's aggressive stace towards Israel over the years that it does't do eough to prevet Ira from gettig a uclear weapo ad wipig Israel faces ad that , the Republica led Cogress is likely to reject the deal i a vote ext moth but Obama will quickly veto that resolutio the real battle will be over whether ay Democrat go to override the presidet's veto ow Obama oly eeds to make sure that thirty four Democrats i the Seate grai i quarter ca deal a live i it's lookig better ad better every day for him I spoke with former seator Joseph Lieberma he's a leadig atioal security hawks ad a oppoet deal he's bee workig the phoes tryig to covice his former colleagues to oppose the deal he told me that it's lookig pretty tough at this poit it's a uphill battle if the heavy liftig basically what he's tellig me so far oly two Seate Democrats have broke with obody Chuck Schumer of New York ad Bob Meedez of New Jersey the vote is expected to happe i September soo after Cogress returs from vacatio