FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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db from Brazil to Russia to Chia the so called bricks were supposed to be the same because of the ecoomic world oe by oe tape i these emergig markets as well crumblig official data released Friday cofirms Brazil is i the midst of his deepest slow dow a almost thirty years Russia rattled by sactios ad callig eergy prices are sufferig through the worst dowtur sice the %HESITATION eight or ie global fiacial crisis Idia's cuttig rates to shore up its ecoomy ad the there's the source of this week roller coaster stock market right aroud the world Chia there are rampat feared that ecoomy is far weaker i Beijig is lettig o I'm oe of the poorer cogregatig i New York as we leared durig the fiacial crisis everythig is goig , export drive , cereal Maybach producers i Russia Brazil other Lati America coutries ad Africa the tur will mea less moey from those coutries for equipmet ad other machiery made i the U. S. ad i Europe ad to break dow with a brick has aother dowside a stroger dollar which makes commodities eve more expesive keepig the egative cycle goig durig the emergig markets boom years ivested ad coutries were happy to throw huge wads of cash to get a piece of the actio ow what does wat skyrocketig ecoomies rollig that back to earth home is't lookig like such a bad place afterall