FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the this deal impropriety obama worked out his sigature uclear deal with ira lawmakers that his ow party are badly split o whether to go alog how ca we compare last friday top seate leader chuck schumer of ew york said he would oppose the deal you got it studied carefully ot let pressure , politics or party ifluece your decisio ad the do the right thig here i the white house that other key democrats will be a opeig to follow his lead susa corwell covers capitol hill for breeders democrats are divided o it humor of questios very ifluetial , follow harry reid as the leader of the democrats is differet the would seem to provide cover for ay other democrat bill white house ot high alert for other defectors workig agaist it pierced hampered by pro israel lobbyig groups to kill the deal oe who is expected to come out agaist it is fie the ad there was a military base we've bee critical of the deal from the begiig seator ba carto i marylad is worried about the impact of the deal o israel liig up arold palmer guide hot seate leader dick durbi ad probably jewish democrat sader levi republicas are ready to go ito block to reject the deal would cogress returs i the fall which obama will veto it they ca sustai a bomb ito the tow , of all that it's othig ew for the white house dealig with the democrats come dow to a game of umbers if fewer tha twety five percet seate democrats backed obama should be i the clear but the ext moth will mea may late ights at the white house tellig the deal with o guaratee