FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2017

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>> Five of the victims killed in a truck attack in New York City were Argentine citizens celebrating a high school reunion. I'm Cassandra Garrison for Reuters in Rosario, Argentina where flags are at half mast, and the city has entered a three day period of mourning, for five victims who were killed in an attack in New York City.
Those victims were five men who were childhood friends from their days at Rosario Polytechnical School, which is a high school here in Rosario, which specializes in engineering and technical skills, and we're told it's very competitive, and the students here tend to be exceptionally bright and gifted in math.
The men had travelled to New York to celebrate their 30th year anniversary from graduating from the school. We spoke to an administrator today who said to us that the friends had travelled to New York to celebrate life, and instead they found death, and that really captures the sentiments of the community members that we've spoken to here in Rosario.
We're struggling to grasp how five men from this community could've lost their lives in this attack all the way in New York City.>>
> It affects us all, not just Argentina, but the whole world.>> Argentina has largely been spared from the types of attacks we've seen in North America and Europe, and so it's very difficult for people here in Rosario, which is Argentina's third largest city, and a major agricultural hub, to grasp how something like that can happen to five of their own.
Argentine President Mauricio Macri called the men, who were all businessmen and architects, five model citizens, and called on Argentines to stand together in the fight against terrorism.>>