FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> What it is being revealed over the last few weeks has been deeply troubling. And is understandably led to significant public unease.>> Prime Minister Teresa May calling for a culture of respect in Britain on Monday. Following another turbulent weekend of allegations and a sexual harassment scandal sweeping Westminister.
Most recently in the spotlight, Mays own deputy Damian Green, who's denied claims that police found pornography on his parliamentary computer in 2008. That follows investigations into ministers from May's Conservative Party and opposition Labour, with allegations ranging from rape to a supposed list detailing serial sex fests.>> And I am, therefore, resigning
>> The first resignation came on Wednesday evening. Defense Minister Micheal Fallon saying his behavior had fallen short of British Ministry standards and that was acceptable 15 years ago isn't today. That after similar accusations in the United States involving Hollywood personalities and public officials. Those appear to have emboldened people to shed light on Westminister's darker side, says Reuters' William James.
>> What's happened in Hollywood has emboldened women all over the world to come out and talk about what's going on. And Westminster's no exception to that. We know the people here work hard. They work late. There are lots of bars within the palace. And that seems to have fostered a culture where certain things are acceptable that wouldn't be acceptable outside the palace walls.
The opposition party Labour, liberal, democrats, they're all looking at themselves very hard to see whether these allegations apply to them and what the impact will be on their political position.>> Harassment and mistreatment here in Westminster.>> Last week, May published a party code of conduct and plans to meet with party leaders on Monday to discuss a non-political response.
If allegations her deputy turn out to be true, it could indicate not just a few bad apples in Westminster, but a rotten core.