FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2017

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>> If you can't beat them, poach them. In a major bid to compete with it's archrival, DC Comics just snatched away one of Marvel's top riders in an exclusive deal. Brian Bendis, the co-creator of Jessica Jones, which went from comic book pages to a Netflix smash, as well as a black female Iron Man, Riri Williams.
And the Black and Latino Spiderman, Miles Morales has worked on nearly all of Marvel's biggest heroes. Now he'll go to the legendary home of Batman, Superman and the Justice League, which with the exception of the Wonder Woman film, has lagged behind Marvel among critics and at the box office.
In fact, Marvel's domination has prompted DC, an 83 year old brand, to shift gears. It's latest blockbuster, the Justice League was initially produced with the same dour and melodramatic realism perfected by director Christopher Nolan. But following the surprising success of the colorful and campy Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel property, DC apparently heavily retooled the Justice League to add a little levity and fun.
DC, of course, is thrilled by the get, describing Bendis as quote, one of the premier writers in the industry. Of the news, he writes on Twitter that he is quote, bursting with ideas and inspirations.