FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2017

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>> One of the nation's deadliest mass shootings shattered a close knit Christian community in Texas. I'm Justin Mitchell in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where locals are mostly laying low after a tragedy shook their town. But what's interesting is that Christians from throughout the surrounding area are showing up to offer them comfort.
>> How you doing?>> Lee Thompson is a born-again Christian who drove to Sutherland Springs from Dallas on Sunday just after the shooting happened.>> I'm with Chaplain, with the church at work. I'm really just out here, just loving and comforting on people, and then just sharing words of encouragement, and listening to them, listening to their pain.
>> Church at Work has several other representatives in town, but they are not the only ones here offering support. Donna Watkins set up a table full of teddy bears and is there to offer solace to anyone who comes her way.>> We want to make sure that everyone knows that God is still here for us.
He hasn't deserted us and it wasn't him that did this.>> And they are far from alone.>> This is a time of need and this when we need to come together.>> Just pray for those who were impacted, the families of the bereaved.>> We're here yesterday, here today, tomorrow again.
>> Thompson was also in Houston after Hurricane Harvey and says times like these are what he lives for.>> I think that's when we really find our true passion in life is to really serve others. And that's what we were called believers to be servants.