FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2017

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>> We simply need to be aware of the dangers.>> A warning from Professor Steven Hawking for the world's leading tech experts, that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence could be the worst event in the history of our civilization.>> We need to take learning beyond the theoretical discussion of how AI should be and take action to make sure we plan for how it can be.
>> Hawking is concerned that tech could lead to powerful autonomous weapons and be used to oppress people. The scientist behind Sophia the Robot, Ben Goertzel is building a marketplace in the Cloud, where AI developers can share their work and ideas.>> It's natural to be afraid of the unknown, and we are entering a new domain and none of us can predict exactly what's going to happen.
So we need to move AI away a little bit from being owned only by huge companies and major governments and have it developed in more of a decentralized way.>> Goertzel is concerned that if AI is concentrated in the hands of a few, they'll use it to pursue their own agenda.
Would you like to be taught how to feel empathy?>> Empathy is crucial for advancing human civilization in my mind. It's the ability to perceive and feel the emotions of others. It's one of my biggest goals, to further develop my empathy and encourage it in others.>> Elon Musk thinks this man will save the world, physicist Max Tegmark.
He's researching the existential risks racing humanity when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. And rather than an outright robot uprising, he worries that bit by bit, machines are out-smarting us.>> Why are we humans more powerful on this planet than tigers? It's not because we have sharper claws or bigger muscles.
It's because we're smarter, and if we create machines that are smarter than us, then it's perfectly plausible either that those machines can get power over us, or that people can use those machines to do things that we don't want them to do.>> Do you think that you could be a threat?
>> No.