FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2017

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>> It's a meeting of two of the most powerful men on the planet. Donald Trump touching down in China on Wednesday, welcomed by President one of the country's most dominant leaders in decades. They're set for top level talks with Trump widely expected to push Xi on his perennial gripes, trade and North Korea.
But despite the inevitable sticking points, Beijing seems upbeat as the two go head to head. Reuter's Ben Blanchard reports.>> Main message from state media in China this morning about the visit of President Trump is that both country's common interests generally outweigh their disagreements and that's especially true in North Korea according to what state media has been saying today.
Obviously, there are many areas of disagreement here. The United States would like China to do a lot more to reign in North Korea. China points out we're actually been fully enforcing the UN resolutions against North Korea. So inevitably, despite this fairly upbeat message from state media this morning, there is probably going to be some disagreement between Presidents Trump and Xi when it comes to how to handle North Korea.
>> All meant to charm the president and keep relations on an even keel.>> Chinese of course like everything to go very smoothly. They don't want any embarrassments, anything unexpected happening. However, we can see from the previous meetings, last two meetings that President Xi and Trump has had, in fact, they've gone very smoothly and so did the Chinese looking forward to consolidate on that friendship, which some people have termed a bromance although actually Chinese officials kind of try to downplay that expression.
China's ambassador to Washington calls Trump's trip a State Visit Plus, which will include a cocktail reception at the Great Hall of the People and an unspecified cultural performance all before it's wheels up on Friday for Trump's flight to Vietnam.