FIRST AIRED: November 14, 2017

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>> No no, absolutely. Don't put my.
If the devil is in the detail then this process could be hellish. Theresa May's landmark Brexit legislation is in a critical phase.>> This is an essential bill in the national interest which->> British lawmakers on Tuesday beginning the battle over the fine print of the EU withdrawal bill.
>> Move amendments 43, 44 and 45.>> In total, 186 pages of amendments have been tabled. The government has sold the bill as simply copying EU legislation into British law, but critics warn it's a power grab allowing ministers to change laws without parliament. This after the Brexit campaign fought on the notion of taking back control.
This debate just the first of many set to stretch into December.>> Record, many of the precedings->> The government's real challenges are set to come in the latter stages. Rumors abound in the British press about a group of Conservative Party rebels, preparing to vote with the main labor opposition on certain points.
And throughout the eight-set debates, the government will never be far from defeat.>> Mean catastrophe.>> The Prime Minister's weakened minority government may need a small number of Democratic Union's party lawmakers to make up the numbers. A particular crunch point will likely be how much of a say MPs will get over any Brexit deal.
>> A big thank you for the Prime Minister, please.>> All the time, Theresa May's leadership, as well as the legislation, will be in the spotlight.>>