FIRST AIRED: October 31, 2017

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>> My victory today.>> Kenya's presidential election rerun saw Uhuru Kenyatta win again but it looks unlikely that would settle the political turmoil of a now polarized country. Members of the media feeling some of that wrath on Tuesday for waiting for opposition leader Raila Odinga's long awaited response to the result.
> Some expected him to announce a court challenge or call for mass protests he didn't do either, instead he spoke of pickets and petitions declare that his opposition will form what he called a people's assembly to study issues of governance.>> If elections the highest office in the land will be occupied by a person who has usurped power.
>> Odinga pulled out of last week's vote saying it wouldn't be fair and told his supporters to boycott it as well. It seems they listened. Though Kenyatta ran unopposed winning 98%, turnout was incredibly low. Both elections have been marked by violent and deadly clashes. Around 50 people died after August's vote, and another 14 since Thursday's.
Many fear the unrest is starting to take on ethnic overtones and that if it continues it'll ignite across swathes of Kenya. Both leaders have come under diplomatic pressure to meet and engage in post-election dialogue. In his acceptance speech, Kenyatta ruled out any possibility of talking with Odinga if the opposition does contest the victory.