FIRST AIRED: October 29, 2017

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>> Kenyans have begun voting in a presidential election rerun with polling stations open across the country. But the result is set to be overshadowed by an opposition boycott, violence, and voting irregularities.
ready, some clashes have erupted between protesters and authorities. In a Nairobi slum, military personnel fired tear gas at crowds, opposition supporters threw stones.
Scenes like this had been feared since August's annulled election, some 50 people have been killed.
the even of the vote, opposition leader, Raila Odinga, told his supporters to stay at home.>> Just stay at home.>> That message appears to have been largely heeded in his stronghold of Kisumu.
There, ballot boxes arrived long after voting began. Inside, it's a story of empty polling stations and few election staff. Outside, violence flared, stone-throwing use, and burning barricades, met by live rounds, tear gas and water cannon. Kenya's Supreme Court ruled the last vote invalid. Odinga has refused to take part in the rerun, over failings to replace election officials.
Instead, to a crowd of some 6,000 followers, he pledged to pressure for another election in 90 days, under a new and reformed Electoral Commission. It will likely handed tainted victory to incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and any win could get tied up in legal challenges. The head of the Election Commission has already acknowledged shortcomings in the ability to hold free and fair elections, citing political interference and intimidation.
And the instability surrounding this vote is expected to deliver a low turnout. But Kenyatta's made clear he views this election as legitimate.>>
The leader of East Africa's economic powerhouse, telling the international stage, we will get through this.>>
> That might be tough, given this backdrop to voting on election day.