FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2017

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>> Saudi Arabia's elite remain on edge as and anti-corruption crackdown continues to expand. Authorities making further arrests and freezing more bank accounts. Members of the Kingdom's political and business circles were among the first arrests, including royalty. Some are believed to be locked inside this Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Sources said on Wednesday a number of other individuals suspected of wrongdoing are also now detained.
Reuters Katie Paul is in Riyadh, and says nobody knows exactly who is going to be caught up.>> There's been a way of doing business for a long time, that I think in a lot of other places would be considered illicit, but it was acceptable here for a long time.
>> The purge was ordered by the powerful heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. And is supported by US President Donald Trump, who said those arrested had been, quote, milking their country for years. The US State Department sending a message to Saudi authorities about the prosecutions.
>> We expect them to do it in a fair and transparent manner.>> Saudi Arabia's stock market continued to fall on Wednesday, as traders worry about the economic impact of the crackdown.>> We are hearing reports that people are trying to move their money out. But basically the general sense is just that people don't know whether there is a possibility that they could be caught up in this for something that they didn't necessarily consider wrong doing.
>> A number of domestic bank accounts have been frozen, 500 more overnight. Prince Mohammed attempting to ease concerns, assuring national and multi-national companies, including those involved in the investigation, they won't be disrupted.