FIRST AIRED: October 27, 2017

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>> Congress passed new sanctions on Russia nearly three months ago, but President Trump is not putting them into effect. Now lawmakers are asking why. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where we are now well passed an October 1st deadline for stiff new sanctions on Russia. In response to Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.
Many in Congress are not happy with Trump's foot dragging here, Senator John McCain saying the administration's lack of action is against the law. On Thursday the State Department said it had begun identifying companies and individuals who will be sanctioned.>> The Secretary of State Rex Tillersen has authorized the department to issue guidance to the public specifying the persons or entities that are part of or operating on behalf of the defense or intelligence sectors of the government of the Russian Federation.
>> The law strengthens existing sanctions on Russian companies and individuals and calls on the president to impose new sanctions on people with ties to Russia's defense and intelligence agencies. Trump signed it into law in August even though he opposed a provision that required him to get Congress okay if he wants to dial back sections.
McCain who heads the Armed Services Committee demanding to know why those sanctions aren't in place. The delays intensify concerned about Trump's relationship to Russia. His administration being investigated by Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller over possible collusion with the Kremlin during last year's election. One prominent critic Republican Senator Bob Corker said Thursday that the State Department had made a good first step towards putting sanctions in place.
Trump opposed the sanctions while when it was being developed and critics say that the delay is proof that he doesn't actually wanna carry it out. All this has Trump was preparing to meet face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit meeting in Vietnam. Trump supporters say that putting a sanctions in place now, would even more friction to a relationship it's already at its lowest point since the cold war.
But that's not likely to convince lawmakers who want to sanctions in place now.