FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> We will together confront North Korea's actions, and prevent the North Korean dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives.>> An unusually soft warning to Kim Jong Un from Donald Trump. The US President speaking from South Korea, Tuesday, side-by-side with leader Moon Jae-In. One moment pledging America's full military might to defend against the North, the next saying I hope to God we don't have to use it.
It's a far cry from calling diplomatic efforts with Pyongyang a waste of time. In fact, Trump went as far as to urge North Korea to quote, make a deal. Reuters Korea Bureau Chief Soyoung Kim says it may point to a new, more united front with US ally Seoul.
>> The first few months of his presidency, South Korea's Moon had been critical of the hard line approach on North Korea. A pursuit by his predecessor and wanted to pursue dialogue with North Korea. But the recent series of missile test and the nuclear test in September took him much closer to the US stance.
That maximum sanctions and pressure should be the priority for the moment. In todays news conference the two leaders clearly presented a much more united stance on how to deal with North Korea. Calling for maximum sanctions and pressure, but also urging China and Russia to do more to curve North Korea.
>> On Wednesday Trump set to make a speech before Seoul national assembly. It's also expected to focus on the North Korea crisis, and the millions of Koreans living within Poyang Yang's firing range may be hoping for Trump to keep up his mild tone.>> Trump's rhetoric over North Korea, for instance, his threats to totally destroy North Korea hit a nerve to South Koreans.
And fanned some worries that he may be pursuing military action in North Korea, even before consulting the key allies, including South Korea. So South Koreans will be sure to plug in tomorrow and see if Trump reaffirms that he wouldn't take military action without the consent of South Korea, and he will do his best to solve the crisis diplomatically.
>> The White House says Trump's Korea visit is meant to ratchet up pressure on the North, but there's at least one line he's not crossing. While past presidents have toured the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas, Trump is steering clear of the world's most militarized border out of fear that it could be seen as a provocation.