FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> Lebanon has declared war says Saudi Arabia because of what it describes as aggression by Hezbollah.>>
> Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah called it a Saudi statement and said Riyadh had forced him to do it.
Especially since the Saudi backed prime minister Saad Hariri resigned in a statement broadcast from Riyadh at the weekend. Hezbollah participated in his government, but it is allied to Iran. It's guerilla army, more powerful than the national one, is playing a major role in the war in neighboring Syria, shoring up government forces.
That's another arena for the proxy war between Tehran and Riyadh. Al-Sabhan, said Hezbollah actions constituted aggression against Saudi Arabia, and the government would be considered quote, a government which has declared war. Hariri's resignation shocked even his aides.>>
The sudden nature of billionaire Hariri's announcements stirring speculation in Lebanon that he'd been caught open in anti-corruption purge in Saudi Arabia and had been coerced. But Saudi's Foreign Minister said Monday, that Hariri was protesting against Hezbollah calling the shots in his government. Hariri's power sharing government to cover a year ago and was heralded for ending years of political deadlock.
Al-Sabhan did not spell out what actions Saudi might take against Lebanon.