FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> Iran's supply of rockets to a Yemeni militia could be an act of war against Saudi Arabia, it's crown prince says. Mohammed bin Salman stepping up the pressure after a ballistic missile was fired from Yemen towards Riyadh airport at the weekend. The Saudi Foreign Minister also said Hezbollah was behind the launch of the missile.
Lebanon, too, dragged into the fray, another Saudi minister saying Beirut had declared war on the kingdom. Tuesday's comments by Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan referring to what he called aggression by Hezbollah, also backed by Iran. The two powers are waging proxy wars across the region, backing rival sides in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, and opposing political factions in Beirut.
The dramatic escalation of the crisis threatens to destabilize tiny fragile Lebanon. It's Saudi backed Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned at the weekend citing a plot against him and accusing Iran and Hezbollah of sowing strife. His announcement made from Riyadh toppled a power sharing government that included Hezbollah ministers.
Reuters' Angus McDowall is in Beirut.>> The sudden nature of Hariri's decision to resign and the fact that he did it from Saudi Arabia, not from inside Lebanon, has prompted some speculation inside Lebanon as to the circumstances of it. Some people, including the Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, have said that there are legitimate questions as to whether he was coerced by Saudi Arabia into making his resignation.
The newspaper, Al Akhbar, which is pro-Hezbollah, also today said that Hariri was under house arrest inside Saudi Arabia.>> Saudi Arabia and Hariri deny any suggestion he's under house arrest or was coerced into resigning. But some in Lebanon are speculating that the billionaire is caught up in Saudi Arabia's anti-corruption purge.