FIRST AIRED: November 3, 2017

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>> One Catalan leader released on bail Friday, eight others remain behind bars. Santi Vila stepped down from the regional cabinet before Catalonia declared independence last week. Prompting Madrid to dismiss the government, take direct control, and call a snap election. But Madrid's most wanted Carles Puigdemont.>>
> From Belgium, the ex-leader called, on Thursday night, for the release of the legitimate government of Catalonia.
Noisy protests in Barcelona echoing his call. A European arrest warrant for Puigdemont is expected soon. Spain wants to try him for sedition, rebellion, and misuse of public funds for pushing the region's independence drive. Attention is now turning to the December regional election. After Spain's crackdown, who is left to stand?
And Reuters' Julian says cracks have opened up in the secessionist camp.>> That the parties composing the independence, are very different parties. There is a center right Catholic Party, there is a far left Republican Party, there are some other factions. So having them standing together, it's very hard.
Now, the deadline is fast approaching, it's on November the 7th, next Tuesday. So the decision will have a lot of importance, because b y running together, they have a better chance of reaching a majority of seats in the parliament.>> More hearings, too, next week. The Supreme Court summoning the speaker of the Caitlin Parliament and five senior lawmakers, then giving them another week to prepare.
The defendants could face jail sentences of up to 50 years.