FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> Safety and security has become a new, more serious part of church services, near Sutherland Springs, Texas. Where 26 people were killed in a place of worship. Reuters reporter, Lisa Maria Garza talk to pastors about how they are preparing for services this coming Sunday in the shadow of the tragedy, as churches try to strike a balance.
>> So I'm here at First Baptist Church of Lavernia. It's about seven miles north of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. They are the same denomination. There's a similar congregation, the pastor said that they are trying to get feedback from congregation members, over anybody who has a concealed carry permit, whether or not they would like to take it with them during mass.
They're also considering options about budgeting for an armed security officer or
] police officer, to provide safety. But, the main thing that we've heard from different pastors and parishioners, is that they are not fearful, that they believe that God will protect them while they're in a place of worship.
But, that means that that protection could also involve the use of firearms.>> Sunday shooting occurred roughly two and a half years after the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre. And whatever comfort an armed security guard might provide, this latest shooting has left a mark.>> Now, I heard a lot of people using the word unthinkable.
Because when you go to church services, these are parishioners who have been members of the congregation for years. And their families before them. And so there has always been this sense of a safe haven, at whatever respective church they belong to. And now, this horrible thing has happened just miles down the road.
It's the same type of Church, same type of community. And there's really shocking dismay that I've hard from various people.