FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2017

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>> The Virginia governors race is revealing deep fissures within the Democratic Party. A sign of larger battles ahead as Democrats try to regain power in Washington.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Virgina where Democrats are busy pointing fingers. Labor unions, environmentalists, Hispanic groups, Moderates and Progressives, all casting blame as the Virginia governor's race heads towards a photo finish, rather than the clear victory that they're anticipating.
It's a sign of deep division within the party, not only here in Virginia, but nationwide. As Democrats try to figure out how they lost the 2016 election and what they can do to win moving forward. Polls in Virginia show the race between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie getting closer heading into Tuesday's vote.
Virginia's normally friendly terrain these days for the Democrats and President Trump is not popular here. But internal party feuding seems to be holding them back this time. Environmentalists have been slamming Northam for backing natural gas pipelines. While one liberal group, Democracy for America, is saying he's relying on a racist playbook.
After he said so called sanctuary cities should work with federal agencies to deport illegal immigrants. Former Democratic Governor Doug Wilder, the nation's first black elected governor, withheld his endorsement of Northam.>> Good morning, good morning.>> Meanwhile Republicans in the state have managed to put aside their own deep differences over Donald Trump to support Gillespie.
>> It's been a fun race, I've enjoyed it.>> Democratic divisions are mirrored at the national level. Top strategist, Donna Brazil, reopening old wounds with a new memoir. Saying that when she served as the interim head of the Democratic National Committee last year, she considered removing Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton from the ticket due to health concerns.
Brazil saying Clinton's campaign was badly mismanaged and lacked passion. Clinton staffers are furious accusing Brazil of succumbing to Russian propaganda about Clinton's health. Her successor at the DNC, Tom Perez, sharply disputes her claim. Party leaders are also at odds with top donors. Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer is running ads calling for Trump's impeachment.
A move that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says she would not support if her party wins a majority in next year's Congressional elections. Victory here in Virginia could go a long way towards healing those divisions. But it's clear that Democrats face a deep split between their establishment and the grassroots activists.
We saw that play out on last year's primary contest between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Brazil's book is stoking that fire again. Sure Democrats are united in their opposition to Donald Trump, but for now that may be one of the few things that's holding them together.