FIRST AIRED: November 13, 2017

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>> A rowdy reception for Donald Trump in the Philippines on Monday. Protesters rallying against the US President and their own leader, Rodrigo Duterte, as the two headed in for talks at the ASEAN Summit in Manila. Crowds marched on the American Embassy, clashed with police, and burned an elaborate effigy shaped like a swastika.
However, inside the summit, things appeared to go a lot more smoothly.>> We've had a great relationship. This has been very successful.>> Trump and Duterte's meeting was the most anticipated talk of the day. From the summit Reuters' John Chalmers, explains why.>> They were both elected recently, populist figures, people who speak their mind.
In many ways kind of very unconventional. And although the previous US administration under Obama was very critical of Duterte for his war on drugs, Donald Trump seems to be taking a much softer line. They came out and they said that they had a very strong and good relationship.
And I'm sure that that will dismay a lot of people in Washington. And, of course, dismay a lot of human rights defenders and others who have been outraged of the thousands of people who've been killed in Duterte's war on drugs.>> Other controversial topics were played down at the summit, Duterte suggested the South China Sea shouldn't be discussed, and the Rohingya migrant crisis in Myanmar got minimal attention.
>> It may be the biggest humanitarian crisis that we've seen in this part of the world for many many years. And yet the draft of the ASEAN statement that we've seen doesn't even refer to the Rohingya as a people. And so the ASEAN grouping seems to have been bending over backwards to make sure that Myanmar isn't embarrassed by any of the conversations here.
And they only refer to some trouble and difficulties that are going on in northern Rakhine state and that's all.>> The Philippines is the final stop of Trump's tour of Asia. Adding to some of the memorable moments of his trip, on Sunday night this happened.
A rare karaoke appearance from Duterte, apparently at the request of the US Commander in Chief.