FIRST AIRED: November 14, 2017

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>> Mr. Moore reached over and began groping me.>> A fifth woman came forward Monday, accusing Roy Moore, the GOP Senate candidate in Alabama, of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 years old, when he was a prosecuting attorney in his 30s. The latest accusation came at a news conference in New York.
Where Beverly Young Nelson and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, who has represented women in a number of high profile sexual misconduct cases, displayed a yearbook that Nelson says is signed by Moore.>> I thought that he was going to rape me. I was twisting, and I was struggling, and I was begging him to stop.
He said, you're just a child. And he said, I am the District Attorney of Anahuac County, and if you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you. Moore's campaign calling the press conference a spectacle, and said that Moore was the victim of a witch hunt.>> I think he should step aside.
>> Earlier on Monday Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell who backed Moore's opponent Luther Strange in the Alabama primary said Moore should quit the Senate race.>> Is the burden on Moore to prove these false versus someone to prove that these are true in this situation? Or do you believe these allegations to be true?
>> I believe the women, yes.>> Moore has vehemently denied the accusations. And said that they were politically motivated.>> These attacks involve a minor, and they are completely false and untrue.>> Last week, The Washington Post published the stories of four women who claim Moore sought romantic and sexual encounters with them while they were teenagers.
One of them said she was just fourteen years old at the time. Reuters has not independently verified the allegations. While Republicans in Congress were quick to distance themselves from Moore, many in the conservative and right wing media rallied to his defense. The far right website Breitbart, operated by former White House strategist Steve Bannon, said it was dispatching two staff members to investigate Moore's accusers.
The election for the Alabama Senate seat is scheduled for December 12th.