FIRST AIRED: October 24, 2017

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>> Twitter is going to start labelling ads that have to do with elections. Something that US authorities have been threatening to do, whether Twitter likes it or not. I'm David Ingram,Tech Correspondent for Reuters in San Francisco. Political ads on the Internet have been completely unregulated in the United States.
Really since the beginning of the Internet. They don't have to have the same disclosure requirements about who paid for them and how many times they're running. Or the disclaimers that you'll find on TV ads, or radio ads, or satellite TV ads. This has gotten increased attention in the past month after the companies disclosed that Russian operatives were using their platforms to influence the US election.
There has been a threat of regulation, either from US election authorities or possibly legislation from the US Congress. This is an attempt by Twitter, and Facebook has done a similar move, to try to head off this regulation and legislation before it happens. Twitter says they're gonna launch a new website that's gonna have all kinds of information about all advertisers actually, not just political ones.
You'll be able to see all ads currently running on Twitter. You'll be able to see how many times their ads are running. For election ads, you'd be able to see some specific information and then election ads in the Twitter feed will be labeled as election ads. Now one interesting thing to watch going forward is the subject of issue ads.
Now this is a sort of a in between area where an ad might talk about a political subject, say taxes, but not mention a political candidate or talk about a specific election. There's a question about what Twitter and Facebook and Google and others should do with these kind of ads.
And that's something they're gonna have to deal with next.