FIRST AIRED: November 3, 2017

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>> US president Donald Trump on Friday flies to Hawaii and from there on to a 12 day tour of Asian capitals next week. Foremost in his mind, confronting North Korea. Reuters' White House correspondent, Steve Holland.>> He'll have meetings with the leaders of Japan, South Korea and most importantly China.
China is seen as the linchpin to getting North Korea to bow down in this nuclear crisis, this crisis over their nuclear tests and missile tests. He will be asking President Xi of China to do things like reduce oil exports to North Korea. To try to starve it of resources and try to get North Korea to come forward and willingly give up their nuclear weapons.
Now, it's a very tense time there and we'll see how successful he is.>> Some question the timing of Trump's overseas foray. He's leaving just as his own Republican Party is trying to push through a controversial tax overhaul. And amid an intensifying investigation into his presidential campaign. His popular approval rating at just over 36%, according to a Reuters Ipsos poll.
White House officials waved off concerns, saying the President can keep his focus on an array of issues wherever he may be. Trump's trip will be the longest visit to Asia by a US President since George H.W. Bush in 1991 and 1992. That foray not a high point of diplomacy, Bush felt ill at a state dinner in Tokyo and vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister.
Trump's visit is rife with potential pitfalls.>> The rhetoric that the President has used, warning that he would totally destroy North Korea->> They will be met with fire and fury.>> Or calling Kim Jong Un the Rocket Man.>> Rocket Man.>> That may be well received here in the United States, but over there it scares people.
>> A senior Chinese diplomat on Friday said Beijing has made its best effort to resolve matters on the Korean Peninsula.