FIRST AIRED: October 25, 2017

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>> Resist, my people. Resist them. Resist the settler's robbery, and follow the caravan of martyrs. Lines from a poem that has landed Dareen Tatour, an Arab citizen of Israel, in an Israeli courtroom. The charge, incitement to violence and supporting terrorism. Dareen rejects the charges leveled against her.>>
> Since Dareen published her poem on social media in 2015, she has been under house arrest. She can't access the Internet or publish any new works. She's also on daily curfew. Her arrest is part of an Israeli crackdown on social media activity which the government claims is triggering a rise in attacks.
>> My poem does not have any call for violence either on the meaning or whatever. They explained the meaning the way they want and it is their choice in this matter. There is a big discussion about the translation. I reject this accusation completely and this is my case that the poem is not calling for any kind of violence.
They claim the arrests are preemptive, but critics disagree.>> The case has drawn attention to advanced technology used by Israeli security agencies to trough through social media to identify and arrest users suspected of incitement to violence or planning attacks. Critics say people have been detained purely on the suspicion they might commit a crime without actually having done so.
International organizations have also condemned the case, saying it's an attempt by Israel to limit freedom of speech. They are calling for Dareen's release. If convicted, the 35 year old could face up to five years in prison.