FIRST AIRED: November 14, 2017

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>> Hey, I'm Re:scam, an artificially intelligent chatbot designed to fight scammers by imitating victims.>> Make the artificially intelligent email bot helping you troll scammers.>> I'm anyone.>> And no one.>> As far as scammers will know.>> I'm you.>> Netsafe, an online safety nonprofit in New Zealand, have built Re:scam to waste email scammers' time.
Netsafe chief executive Martin Cocker says it begins when people forward a scammer's email to the bot.>> Re:scam receives your email. It strips off your identifying details and it then engages with the scammer that contacted you and tries to engage that scammer in a conversation.>> Re:scam uses humor, grammatical errors, and local New Zealand slang to make its personas believable, annoying scammers by asking question after question in a polite, but frustrating manner.
you wish to be a member of the great illuminati family?>> Dear Illuminati, what a wonderful surprise. I'd love to join your secret club. Do you do a bingo night?>>
Globally, Netsafe says, billions of dollars are lost every year to phishing scams with millions of victims.
It hopes the Re:scam concept will be picked up and developed by other businesses.>> Scammers are never certain about the responses they're getting, whether they're from humans or from machines. And that's gonna really disrupt their business models. And if we could do that enough, then it'll force them to go find some other way to make money.
>> Netsafe says it's gathering information on scammers to improve its education campaign, but is enjoying having some fun in the process.>>
am very interested.>> I just have a few more questions.