FIRST AIRED: September 1, 2017

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bilant scenes on the streets of Kenya, as the country's Supreme Court declared the outcome of the presidential election invalid. In August, Uhuru Kenyatta won the race by 1.4 million votes. But opposition leader Raila Odinga filed a petition to the court claiming that results from more than a third of polling stations were fatally flawed.
>> The presidential election held on 8th August 2017, was not conducted in accordance with the constitution under the applicable law, rendering the declared results invalid, null and void.>>
inga's team focused on proving that the process for tallying and transmitting results was flawed, rather than proving how much of the vote was rigged.
The decision was hailed by the man himself.>> This indeed is a very historic day for the people of Kenya. And by extension, for the people of the continent of Africa.>> East Africa's biggest economy has a history of disputed elections. Odinga's contested the last three polls, and lost each time.
A row over the 2007 result was followed by weeks of ethnic bloodshed, and 1,200 people were killed. This time protests and sporadic violence killed at least 28 after Kenyatta was announced as the victor.
>> We have no faith at all in the Electoral Commission as currently constituted. They have committed criminal acts, most of them actually below the jail.>> In Friday's ruling, the Supreme Court said the Electoral Board had committed irregularities and illegalities during the vote.>> The announcement sent shares plummeting on the Nairobi Bourse and prompted the authorities to suspend trading for half an hour.