FIRST AIRED: September 5, 2017

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>> You cannot do a mistake twice and expect to get different results.>> Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga is threatening to boycott a presidential election rerun after the country's Supreme Court annulled the first one due to voting irregularity. That poll was originally called in favor of his rival, incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta.
And Odinga says that unless he's given what he calls legal and constitutional guarantees, that there is no point in wasting time on this next attempt scheduled for October. His terms include the firing of some members of the election commission and a criminal investigation into it. He's previously called for the commission to be completely replaced, a move rejected by Kenyatta's government.
Now there's much more than just politics on the line. After the 2007 poll, a similar dispute over the results led to weeks of ethnic violence and killed over 1,200 people. This current cycle has been more calm, but it has seen some bloodshed, including the murder of a high ranking election official just days before the vote.
If there is a bright spot in this crisis, it could be on the Supreme Court itself. Widely regarded in the past as a rubber stamp for whoever was in power, its current judges have shown that is no longer the case. The judiciary seeming to rise above ethnic and political ties, at least for now.