FIRST AIRED: August 18, 2017

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rcelona, the latest to join a tragic list of European cities like Nice, Berlin, Paris, and London that have suffered terror attacks in which vehicles are the weapon of choice.>>
> But that people cannot change the way they live their lives.
And once again, one of the questions being posed is could more have been done to stop it? Some questioning why bollards were not already in place on La Rambla, an easily accessible street popular with tourists. And as Reuters' Julien Toyer explains, authorities knew the area was a potential target.
>> Regional authorities in Barcelona are saying they obviously knew something could happen on the Ramblas. But would this stop every vehicle from entering the city center? Would it protect every single square, every single avenue? It's an open question, and a very difficult one to answer. But one answer to terrorism coming from tourists that Reuters spoke to across Europe on Friday.
Defiance. From Paris.>> I feel perfectly safe->> To Athens.>> No, I'm not afraid->> Munich.>> That's life. We have to continue->> To Rome.>> I feel very safe here.>>
That perhaps the message coming from the streets of Las Ramblas, less than 24 hours after the attack.>> That people are going to carry on with their usual things. So we could see for instance morning people as trolleying across the Ramblas and shopping, and visiting. Almost as usual.
>> It was the same after the London Bridge attack. Two weeks on and vendors and shoppers were back. But now, with protective barriers and bollards installed. This giving reassurance to residents and tourists alike, though no assurance that such attacks won't happen again.